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Tome Biosciences Acquires DNA Editing Biotech Replace Therapeutics

January 2, 2024

Rare Daily Staff

Genome editing developer Tome Biosciences has acquired Replace Therapeutics, a private biotechnology company developing a novel programmable genomic integration method capable of inserting and deleting small DNA sequences.

Tome has developed programmable genomic integration (PGI) technologies that allow the insertion of any genetic sequence of any size at any location in the genome with site-specific precision.

Replace Therapeutics was founded by serial entrepreneur Shakked Halperin, whose previous company Rewrite Therapeutics was acquired by Intellia Therapeutics. The technology combines the site-specificity of CRISPR/Cas9 with the writing enzyme DNA ligase to precisely manipulate small DNA sequences. This ligase-mediated PGI (L-PGI) technology is well-suited for tens to hundreds of base pair DNA edits, complementing Tome’s flagship large DNA PGI technology, integrase-mediated PGI (I-PGI). In in vitro studies, L-PGI has demonstrated high efficiency and specificity in both dividing and non-dividing cells without the need for double-strand DNA breaks.

Under the terms of the acquisition, Tome will acquire Replace Therapeutics through a merger transaction of $65 million in up-front and near-term milestones and a total deal value of up to $185 million through a mix of stock and cash. As a result of the merger, Replace Therapeutics will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Tome Biosciences.

“The addition of L-PGI to our PGI toolset provides us with the flexibility to choose the right editing tool for the right indication, expanding the types of diseases that we have the potential to cure,” said Rahul Kakkar, president and CEO of Tome.

Rahul Kakkar, president and CEO of Tome

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