Can Chronic Pain Change your Personality?

June 22, 2022

Author: Nidhi Agrawal Dr Amit Chandra Pancreatic lipase deficiency
My first episode of acute pancreatitis occurred when I was seven years old (in 2001). My family had never heard of a pancreas disease, therefore my parents had a hard time understanding my diagnosis and treatment. However, they never gave up on my situation! The first acute pancreatitis episode felt like a knife slicing through my upper abdomen, with searing pain radiating to my back, greenish vomit, a quick pulse, a high fever, and nausea. I vividly recall the frightening Intensive Care Units, the elderly patients, the nurses pushing me to take injections, the needles stabbing my nerves, and so on! I was sent to a hospital in Patna, India, as soon as the doctors there made the diagnosis. Later, I was referred to New Delhi, India’s G.B. Pant Hospital for the surgery. I don’t recall those tumultuous times frame by frame, but, I do recall the harrowing pain, the kind of pain that doesn’t let you either live or die. The symptoms persisted and I was operated on April 24, 2003.

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