Celebrating an Angelversary for Daughter with Trisomy

September 18, 2014

Our daughter, Mataya Grace, was diagnosed at 22 weeks gestation with Trisomy 13. We were told her defects were so severe that we should expect her to die before she was born. We made the decision to put her life in God’s hands and to enjoy her for as long as He would allow.

Mataya was born October 21, 2013 at 39 weeks  and three days. Not only was she born ALIVE and full term, she lived for six, miraculous days! Four days of her life were spent at home. Not one moment of her life was spent outside of someone’s loving arms.

We thank God for the time we got to spend with her and love on her. She is such a special part of us, and we always look for ways to include her in our every day lives.

With her 1st birthday and angelversary approaching I felt compelled to do something amazing in memory of her. I decided to start collecting pictures and stories of other children with Trisomy from other Trisomy families. I will be creating an event page on Facebook, through the month of October, to share these beautiful miracles with friends and family to raise awareness in memory of Mataya.

I also plan on including information on donating to the Support Organization for Trisomy (S.O.F.T.), and links to other informational sites. On October 21st we will be doing a yellow and pink balloon release that we will be inviting friends and family to participate in from where ever they are. I am so very excited to honor our precious girl this way, and hope to make this an annual event!

by Amanda McLeslie

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