RARE Global Advocacy Alliance Member Spotlight: Robert Sanchez

March 17, 2023

Robert Sanchez

Organization Name
Miracle Flights

Disease Affiliation
Rare Disease and All Medical Conditions

Organization Mission
We provide free commercial flights for those in need of life-changing medical care not available in their local community. 

What led you to the rare disease community?
Our patients and families who travel for medical treatment are often diagnosed with rare disease where there might be one or two doctors in the country that specialize in their specific rare disease.

What do you think are the areas that are lacking in the community (specific to your org or in general)?
Being diagnosed with a rare disease can be overwhelming and we believe that making resources readily available is important for all patients and families. 

What are some of the pain points?
Easy access to resources that can help. 

What are your areas of expertise?
Coordinating commercial air travel for patients that need to travel for medical care

Please describe any major milestones your organization has hit or has coming up that you are proud of.
Our charity was established in 1985, and in 2022 we celebrated our 150,000 flight coordinated milestone!

What is your hope for the future for rare diseases?
We hope that any patient that is diagnosed with a rare disease has access to the best medical care possible, and we hope that Miracle Flights can help them get there. 

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