Teen’s Pain and Unexpected Swelling Stumps Doctors

September 20, 2015

Story by Abigail Dearmore 

When I was 17, I had my first angioedema attack. It all started out with my tongue swelling in the middle of class in high school. I was sent to the nurse to get my very first Epi-Pen injection and was then sent to the emergency room.

From then on, I have been swelling in every part of my body almost everyday. I am not able to work anymore or attend college for I have facial swelling all the time. I have been seen locally, around the state, and in many other states, including the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I am on several medications to try to control my symptoms until the doctors find a cure.

I have tried medications for hereditary angioedema, fresh frozen plasma, alternative methods including bee sting therapy and much much more. Nothing has helped so far other than the basic benedryl and epinephrine. The Mayo Clinic is not giving up on me though and are continuing different medication bundles to see if anything helps.

If I could give advice to anyone with a chronic illness, it would be to never give up hope. We will find a cure some day. Also, never believe anyone,including incompetent doctors, who says it is all in your head and that you are making everything up. You know your body better than anyone. Be strong and know you are not alone in this fight!

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