Mild hemophilia A

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Mild hemophilia A

Synonyms: Mild congenital F8 deficiency | Mild congenital factor VIII deficiency

A mild form of hemophilia A characterized by a small deficiency of factor VIII (biological activity between 5 and 40 IU/dL) leading to abnormal bleeding as a result of minor injuries or following surgery or tooth extraction. Spontaneous hemorrhages do not occur. Patients may be also labeled as having mild hemophilia A if they have a FVIII >40 IU/dL and a DNA change in the F8 gene and one of the following: (i) a family member with the same DNA change and FVIII of <40 IU/dL and the DNA change is found in <1% of the population; and (ii) the international databases list the DNA change as being associated with hemophilia A and <40 IU/dL FVIII. The condition may affect males and female carriers of disease-causing mutations.

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Advocacy Organizations

CHES Foundation, Inc

The mission of the CHES Foundation, Inc began with Comprehensive Health Education Services in 2009 to provide nSpiration through Education to families and individuals with chronic conditions such as rare bleeding disorders. We create educational experiences that encompass all aspects of individuals lives from medical treatments, social emotional health and family support to create a community.

Hemophilia Council of California

The Hemophilia Council of California has a vision for open access to quality innovative care and choice of treatment for all people with bleeding disorders. We accomplish this by advancing the quality of life for bleeding with bleeding disorders through advocacy, education and outreach in collaboration with our founding member organizations.

Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center of Nevada

The Hemostasis & Thrombosis Center of Nevada (HTCNV) is Nevada's only federally designated hemophilia treatment center (HTC). We provide care for benign inherited blood disorders specifically bleeding disorders, thrombotic disorders and sickle cell disease. Our mission is to provide access to compassion evidence based quality care to all patients in Nevada regardless of their ability to pay.

OPFORD Foundation (Open Platform for Rare Diseases) was conceived as a digital and online resource centre for orphan diseases with a primary focus of serving patients and caregivers by connecting them to curated resources regarding symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment. We have expanded our services to health counselling and guidance for patients and caregivers to prevent possible complications.

Youth And Women for Opportunities Uganda-YWOU

Our mission supports Rare, orphan and undiagnosed diseases diagnosis, care and treatment, education, awareness and empowering health care professionals and patients care takers of rare, orphan and undiagnosed diseases arena in Uganda, build capacity and bridge lack of clinical knowledge and experience and provide search/quest for diagnostic laboratories, I advocate for changes in laws, practices

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