Good Decisions Are The Best Medicine: How to Work with Your Doctor To Optimize Outcomes

October 8, 2021

Do you need support to feel confident that you and your doctor are making the best possible medical decisions for you?  With short chapters, lists of questions and suggestions and multiple worksheets at the end of each chapter to guide you, you’ll have the tools you need to figure out:

  • What needs to be decided, how much you want to be involved in the decisions and who could help you (Chapter 1)
  • What matters most to you, which in turn can influence all your other decisions (Chapter 2)
  • How to find the best doctor for you (Chapter 3)
  • How to make sure all the latest information is considered before decisions are made (Chapter 4)
  • How to work with your doctor to make those decisions (Chapter 5)
  • How to set yourself up for success (Chapter 6)

You’ll also have access to some general decision-making tips (Appendix A) and lists of online resources you can use as a starting point to find the information you need (Appendices B and C).

Some people will work through this book start to finish. Others will only use the parts they need. Either method is fine. Do what feels natural and is helpful for you.

The goal of this book is to give you the peace of mind that comes from doing everything you can to get the best possible outcomes. While there’s more hope every day, there are no guarantees in medicine. You can do everything “right” and things still might not turn out the way you want. But, in my case, I found comfort in doing what I was able to in terms of completing the tasks in this book (something I can control), and then doing my best to let go of the results (something I can’t). It is my hope that you’ll find that as well.

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