Compelling New Models for Patient Engagement & Trial Participation: 2023 RARE Advocacy Summit Plenary

October 12, 2023

Compelling New Models for Patient Engagement and Trial Participation was the closing plenary on the first day of the RARE Advocacy Summit, September 19-21, 2023 in San Diego, California

This session focused on empowering patients to generate quality data at home.

Morrie Ruffin
Managing Partner, Adjuvant Partners

* Kelly McVearry, PhD, MA, EdM
Co-Founder and CEO, Bento Biology Platforms

* Kenneth Kalunian, MD
Co-Founder Project Bento, UCSD School Of Medicine, Wolfe Family Lupus
Center of Excellence

* Gini Deshpande, PhD
Founder and Chair, NuMedii AI for Drug Discovery


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