RARE Advocacy Summit 2023: Supporting Your Rare Community’s Mental Health panel session

October 6, 2023

As part of the Community and Capacity building track, Supporting Your Rare Community’s Mental Health was one of the panel sessions during the RARE Advocacy Summit in San Diego California, September 19-21, 2023.

Living with a rare disease brings unique mental health challenges. Patients, caregivers and advocates often experience high levels of stress, live with a great deal of uncertainty, and feel isolated. Our panel of mental health professionals, industry partners and rare parents will discuss mental health challenges faced by rare families and highlight support programs provided by rare disease advocacy organizations to meet the needs of their communities.

Albert Freedman, PhD, Psychologist, Rare Counseling

* Gary Ho, Senior Community Director, TREND Community
* Tom D’Amato, Director of Patient Advocacy, Horizon Therapeutics
* Stephanie Yin, MS, Psychotherapist, RareMinds
* Wendy Erler, Global Head, Patient Experience, Patient Advocacy and Patient and Caregiver Insights, AstraZeneca

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