Virtual Partnering Event: IN-PART & Global Genes/RARE-X

July 19, 2023

During this webinar presented with IN-PART, Karmen Trzupek, Senior Director of Scientific Programs at Global Genes, shared how the RARE-X platform can combine innovation priorities to propel academia, industry R&D, and biotechs to collaboration.

From the IN-PART website: As part of In-Part’s current Global Challenge seeking novel rare disease research and assets, Global Genes/RARE-X shared their interests through this webinar and in a one-page PDF summary, with the view to identify new partners in academia and industry for collaboration partnerships.

IN-PART develops digital solutions, curated by in-house STEM experts, that simplify the initial connection between decision-makers in academia and industry. Our goal is to help drive impact from research by matching innovation and expertise on a level playing field globally.

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