A Shared Vision to Transform the Rare Disease Landscape with Patient Data

May 17, 2021

The healthcare technology company Ciitizen, which helps patients take control of their medical records to access better treatment options and participate in research and clinical trials, this month announced a collaboration with RARE-X. Patients who use the RARE-X federated data-sharing platform will be able to seamlessly take advantage of Ciitizen’s technology to collect and store their medical records. Ciitizen collects and digitizes health records and formats them so they can be shared at the patient’s discretion.

We spoke to Nasha Fitter, director of rare and neurological diseases for Ciitizen and Vanessa Vogel-Farley, R&D strategy lead for RARE-X, about the collaboration, how the two organizations are working together, and why empowering patients with the means to control and share their health data, can be transformational to the rare disease landscape.

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