Meet-Up Impact Grants

Applications for the 2023 RARE Meet-Up Grant will be open from April 12, 2023 to May 12, 2023

2023 RARE Meet-Up Grant Opportunities

Global Genes is excited to continue to partner with advocacy organizations in their efforts to further their mission and work in the rare disease community.

Through our RARE Impact Grant Program, we are providing financial support, in addition to marketing, materials, and resources, for each in-person meet-up. Eight to ten (8-10) global / national in-person Meet-Ups will be held between June and October 2023 in partnership with our Global Advocacy Alliance. These Meet-Ups will convene key stakeholders to foster collaboration, social support, education, and awareness. 

Projects may fall under one of the following categories:

Caregiver/Patient Support: Select this category if your meet-up is focused on convening rare disease caregivers/patients to discuss and address the challenges faced by rare caregivers and patients, foster relationship building amongst caregivers/patients in your community, to offer a fun reprieve for caregivers, patients and families.

Scientific Updates and/or Clinical Research: Select this category if your meet-up is focused on convening researchers/clinicians/advocates to discuss advances in research in specific disease areas or classifications, data collection or clinical trials, patient registries or natural history data. You may also select this category if you are convening patients and caregivers to educate them about your registry or natural history study or to collect biosamples.

Capacity Building: Select this category if your meet-up is focused on building/expanding your organization’s capacities in the form of fundraising, volunteer expansion, community outreach, etc. For example, a meet-up funded in this category could be one that is going to serve as a training session for volunteers or that allows the organization to develop a program or strategic plan for advancing the organization’s missions and goals.

This grant is not currently open.

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*Please note, foundations must be a member of the Global Advocacy Alliance to be eligible for this grant program. Learn more about our Global Advocacy Alliance and become a member.

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