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LGS Foundation Launches Novel Scientific Research Grant Program

February 28, 2022

The Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Foundation launched a new research grant program, Cure LGS 365, a funding mechanism that allows researchers to submit letters of intent 365 days a year with the organization funding worthy projects within two months of submission.

Photo: racy Dixon-Salazar, LGS Foundation’s executive director

“How we treat LGS has remained roughly the same for the last 30 years—we try treatment after treatment and hope one of them might work,” said Tracy Dixon-Salazar, LGS Foundation’s executive director and mother of an adult living with LGS. “Those living with LGS, and pre-LGS, are in desperate need of treatments that target the root causes of LGS, as well as the root causes of seizures. Our goal is to stimulate research that will lead to new, better treatments.”

With only a small fraction of public and private funds going towards research on LGS, families of the more than one million people with LGS worldwide worry that lifesaving, stabilizing treatment may not come to fruition in their loved one’s lifetime. The LGS Foundation’s Cure LGS 365 Research Grants Program is combating these fears. Since 2013, the LGS Foundation has awarded more than half a million dollars in funding for fourteen projects around the world and is poised to grow research funding rapidly.

To apply for a grant, researchers are asked to submit a letter of intent of up to two pages to  the LGS Foundation that outlines their project, timeline, and a rough budget. There are no deadlines for submission. Proposals will be reviewed by the organization’s medical science advisory board, patient family advisory board, and ad-hoc reviewers.

Invitations to submit a full proposal will be extended. Meritorious proposals will be funded immediately upon contracting.

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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