RARE Pride: A Queer Conversation with Daniel Price

June 25, 2024

On June 11, 2024, Global Genes hosted a forum for stakeholders in the rare disease community to discuss their intersectionality as part of both the rare community and queer / LGBTQIA + community. Below is what one of the speakers, Daniel Price, had to say:

See what others had to say during this session:

Daniel Price stands against a backdrop

Daniel Price

Daniel Price currently resides in the Seattle/Tacoma area. He was adopted from Mainland China at the age of 3. Daniel has one other sibling from China and two from South Korea. He also is currently living with a rare disease called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), mildly impacting his day to day life. He is often referred to as “the one who was adopted and impacted by a rare disease”. Daniel is currently working in aviation, and has found a calling in advocating for the rare disease/ disability and the adoptee community to collaborate and work together to support those affected globally. Daniel is an avid traveler.

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