RARE Pride: A Queer Conversation with Nate Milam

June 25, 2024

On June 11, 2024, Global Genes hosted a forum for stakeholders in the rare disease community to discuss their intersectionality as part of both the rare community and queer / LGBTQIA + community. Below is what one of the speakers, Nate Milam, had to say:

Nate discussed the challenge of coming out repeatedly each time he encountered a new doctor on his care team. “Like this whole time I had been camouflaged as someone else and I’m asking you to treat this new person who has new needs.” …”I eventually decided that, first time I had to get new doctors like,, new doctors that I felt I could start this new journey with.” … “So that’s a big issue that I’m trying to work not just for me, but for other people because I think it’s great now that you can like Google doctors and see that they have little flag under their name that they’re queer friendly.”

See what others had to say during this session:

Nate Milam II is an experienced Patient Advocate who graduated with a BS in Health Services Management. He is an Ambassador for the Histiocytosis Association and a Rare Disease Legislative Advocate (RDLA) Intern and Committee Member for the EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases. He also serves as a Patient Advisory Board member formed by the collaborative efforts of the Histiocytosis Association and North American Consortium for Histiocytosis (NACHO). He was misdiagnosed with Crohn’s at 7, and correctly diagnosed with HLH at 19.

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