“The Blue Bird” Award in Moscow to Take Place on February 14th

February 6, 2014

Russian charitable organization of disabled persons “Union of patient and patient’s organization with rare diseases”
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Russia, Moscow, Krasnopresninska emb, World Trade Center, Conference Hall, 06:00 PM
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Rare Disease | Genetic Condition
Pompe, Fabri, Hunter’s syndrome, etc
Date of Event
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“The Blue Bird” Award
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Russian rare bluebirds are landing on the eve of Rare Day, February 14-th, Moscow, WTC, 06:00 PM .

Blue Bird – It’s a Story about fairy bird which can provide the curing from any sick or disease. This bird is a symbol of possible happy childhood dreams, cooperating, buddy caring and survival. Survival can be different – it can be the medical care in a timely manner or development of new drugs for the million patients with rare diseases in our country.

The Russian award Blue Bird ( has been established by Russian charitable organization of disabled persons “Union of patient and patient’s organization with rare diseases” ( in 2010. “Union of patient and patient’s organization with rare diseases” it’s a Russian umbrella organization covered patient’s organizations of rare diseases.

This prime is recognition and awards for: medical care area; support for the people with rare diseases; legislation development; improving diagnostic process for rare diseases at early stages also; enhancement for treatment and aftercare for the patients with rare diseases; arranging medical investigations; development and following implementation of new drugs; and for distinguished peoples at rare diseases field also. At the same time this award conduce an interest for the rare diseases, involving to the available problem at this area and increasing level of informative for medical community and wide audience.

At 2011-12 years the award holders have been distinguished figure in medicine – experts at rare diseases, department officers of Public Health Service, public and political leaders.

The winners of this year are announcing at a high profile award ceremony at public place just on eve of celebrating International Rare Day in the world, to which all nominees and their friends/families, colleagues, legislative officer and chief executives, doctors, group and organizational leaders and of course member of media, will be invited.
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