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Your tax-deductible gift makes it possible for our partners and team to continue providing information, resources, and connections to all communities affected by rare disease. 100% of your donation will help fund resources to strengthen our goal in eliminating the challenges faced by rare disease patients (more than 400 million worldwide).

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Meet Justin

Meet The Kramer Family

Meet Miriam

Sophia and Ross Zilber  gave birth to a healthy baby girl on February 28, 2017. They named her Miriam. Shortly after, Sophia knew something didn’t seem right when she noticed Miriam was having trouble breastfeeding and her hand appeared puffy, as if there was fluid inside. Miriam’s doctor told the Zilbers that she wanted them to go to the hospital immediately. The doctors tested Miriam for a variety of infections, but the results kept coming back negative

Meet the Puerto Rican Association of Hemophilia and Bleeding Conditions

The Puerto Rican Association of Hemophilia and Bleeding Conditions was a recipient of our Continuity of Care grant. Their mission is to support patients with hemophilia and other bleeding conditions, promoting education to improve their quality of life; demanding a higher level of medical care. In 2020, Puerto Rico was devastated by the affects of COVID-19