Tonight’s WEGO Health Panel to talk Narcan, Boston Children’s Hospital Custody Case, and How a Selfie Can Save Your Life

February 26, 2014

Tonight – 9pm EST join Health Activist host Ilana Jacqueline with guests Christine Miserandino, Kelly Crabb, and Kevin Alexander as they discuss health topics related to rare disease and chronic illness!

Watch the live panel tonight here.

We will also be live tweeting so send your questions and comments during the show on twitter to @wegohealth!

What Will Be Discussed in the Roundtable? 

  • World Rare Disease Day: What is it about? How can you celebrate? How can you raise awareness? What is the point of raising awareness for rare diseases? Thoughts from panelists on what they feel is a good way to celebrate—discussions of awareness even ideas. Rare diseases percentage and facts.
  • Whole Body Diagnosis Centers”: How do our panelists feel about whole body diagnosis centers like Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt, and Mayo? Are they a good idea or do they focus to thoroughly on collecting data and not enough on helping individual patients? Is it part of our duty as rare disease patients to submit to testing for research if it doesn’t benefit us immediately, personally?
  • Scam Doctors: Have our panelists ever had an encounter with a scam doctor who promised a cure or treatment for their disease that was a fake? What can we do to avoid doctors like this and make sure we don’t fall for their schemes?

We’ll also be getting your thoughts and opinions on some of these late breaking news stories:

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