Williams Syndrome Changing Lives Foundation Publishes SEVEN

June 11, 2013

Through the extensive collaborative efforts of our staff and our ever growing alignment of therapists, doctors, educators and professionals, the Williams Syndrome Changing Lives Foundation is proud to unveil SEVEN.

SEVEN is a monthly guide that offers simple and practical Williams syndrome tools for real families. We have designed it not only for our younger children and families with Williams syndrome, but for middle aged and older individuals as well.

When you have a moment, check it out, pass it around and please share it! If you haven’t signed up to be on our mailing list, take a tour of our website and sign up today. As always, our supplements and educational materials will be made easily available to you at any time– free of charge.

We are certain you will be just as excited as we are about what SEVEN can do. We remain committed to changing lives, one day at a time and one person at a time.

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