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The 2nd iXCells Rare Disease Month Workshop

February 8, 2024

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Join us on February 8, 2024, for the 2nd iXCells Rare Disease Month Workshop, centered on “Advancing Patient-Focused Therapies: Leveraging iPSC-Derived CNS Models & Industrial Collaborations.” Engage with Academic Leaders, industry influencers, and patient advocates in three dynamic sessions:

  1. Fighting Like a Mother: Insights from Pioneering Parents in the Rare Disease Community
  2. Unlocking Hope: iPSC-Derived CNS Models and ASO Development for Rare Diseases
  3. Powering Progress: Industry Collaboration in Personalized N-of-1 Solutions

Key Highlights:

  • Unite leaders, industry representatives, patients, advocates, scientists, researchers, and healthcare providers for insightful dialogue.
  • Foster an ecosystem for patient-focused therapy development, emphasizing the roles of industrial partners.
  • Explore iPSC-derived CNS disease models and ASO development for rare diseases.

Don’t miss the chance to engage in transformative dialogue and contribute to advancing the rare disease ecosystem and therapy development. Mark your calendar and join us for this enlightening event!