World Rare Disease Day: Getting Your Office Involved

January 12, 2015

About World Rare Disease Day

World Rare Disease Day is an annual observance held on the last day of February (February 28th or February 29th in a Leap Year) to raise awareness for rare diseases and improve access to treatments and medical representation for individuals with rare diseases and their families.

The 8th annual World Rare Disease Day will be held on Friday, February 28, 2015. On this day, various activities take place in the United States, Europe, Russia, Japan and elsewhere around the world.

How You Can Help Employees/Co-workers Get Involved

  • Encourage employees to fundraise for the cause by allowing them to dress casually in denim for a small donation fee.
  • Companies may develop a match funding initiative and match the amount of money raised by staff with a corporate donation.
  • Opportunities to fundraise could also include raffles, sponsored job swaps or bake sales.
  • Send out an office memo with our Rare Fact Sheet
  • If any of your employees have a rare disease, ask them if they’d like to share their story with Global Genes through our Patient Stories Form.
  • Distribute our Global Genes Signature Denim Ribbon. You can order them through our form here. You can learn more about our Wear That You Care campaign here.
  • End the work day with a “movie night” showcasing one of the many Rare Documentaries here.

About Global Genes

Global Genes is a leading rare disease advocacy organization with global reach to the worldwide rare community of patients, caregivers, advocates and clinical partners. Our mission is to eliminate the challenges of rare disease.


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