Blue Denim Genes Ribbon®

Genes and Jeans – A Natural Fit
Chris Mann and Elliot Yamin wearing Blue Denim Genes Ribbons

Entertainers Chris Mann and Elliot Yamin supporting rare and genetic disease awareness by wearing our Blue Denim Genes Ribbons.

Just as the pink ribbon symbolizes breast cancer awareness, the Blue Denim Genes Ribbon® is a perfect universal sign for rare and genetic disease awareness and helps unify a fractured community of thousands of small diseases who have not had a collective voice.

Charleston|Orwig, a leading advertising agency based in Milwaukee, WI, designed our official Blue Denim Genes Ribbon® logo, which has become an internationally recognized awareness symbol for rare and genetic diseases.

Since our Blue Denim Genes Ribbon® launched in 2010, hundreds of volunteers have hand made and distributed over 100,000,000 ribbons in more than 15 countries–these numbers continue to grow daily.

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