2016 Cox Prize Winners Announced

October 5, 2016


Global Genes® is proud to partner with Students Advocates for Neglected Diseases (STAND) to present the third David R. Cox Prize for Rare Compassion, an essay program that connects medical students with the rare patient community. Student submissions were narrowed down to three prizewinners, and we are proud to announce them today.

In preparation for the essay submission, students in their first or second year of medical school are required to forge a relationship with a patient, family, or advocate affected by a rare or neglected disease in order to write about the experience. Based on this interaction, students shared their reflections, conveying the significance of the disease’s effect on the patient, student or society, and offered examples of personal or professional growth through a 2,500-word essay.

A panel comprising Global Genes Medical and Scientific Advisory Board members and patient advocacy leaders evaluated the submissions on extent of the contact, compassion, novelty, and insight to determine the winners. The three winning submissions received cash prizes of $1,500 for first place, $1,000 for second place and $500 for third place.

Global Genes would like to congratulate the following 2016 David R. Cox Prize winners:

1st Place
Brittany Trogen
New York University School of Medicine
“The Strength in Small Numbers”
Nemaline myopathy

2nd Place
Nancy Shenoi
Baylor College of Medicine
“Finding Meaning in Medicine: The Power of Hope and Resilience”
Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 15/29

3rd Place
Brielle Gerry
University of Virginia School of Medicine
“Taking It Day by Day: Melissa’s Story”
Trisomy 18

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