Always Creative, Deborah Lee Taylor Donates Beautiful Metal Jewelry To Bring Smiles To Others

November 21, 2012

Deborah Lee Taylor is more than a wife and mother; she is also a jewelry designer, photographer and owner of e5. Her online store, e5, provides handmade metal jewelry in silver, copper, brass, metal clays and other similar materials to the public. Many of her pieces were crafted intentionally to carry an aged time-worn appearance and feel.

In a world of multi-tasking and never ending “to-do” lists, Deborah feels the most centered in her studio, creating works of art. The practice of creating in her studio is a form of meditation for Deborah, by giving her the opportunity to unwind from the constant pressures of the outside world and free her mind of all her worries.

I love mixing metals and creating jewelry that connects with another’s spirit…To be able to give hope to another through my work, even in a small way as this, brings joy to my heart and I hope a smile to the wearer of these bracelets.

From working as a nail artist to acting as a color consultant, Deborah Lee Taylor has always been doing something creative with her hands. She transferred this creative passion to jewelry making, realizing the happy marriage between the two after she tried her hand at hammering and manipulating metals to create different aesthetics. By utilizing her love for stones, crystals and objects into her jewelry, she hopes to create pieces that hold a sense of energy.

One of her costumers graciously described her work as:

Deborah has achieved the alchemical mix of deep artistic feeling…She is not afraid to go above and beyond usual expectations for form and function in jewelry. An intuitive and spiritual guidance also comes through in everything she creates, as if drawing from an ancient forgotten well. There is a strange blend of the ultra-modern and the prehistoric upon which one cannot quite put one’s finger; but it is there, a whisper of parallel realities coming together through metal and gems…

Thank you, Deborah, for donating a Bracelet of Hope to us!

To learn more about Deborah Lee Taylor and to stay up-to-date on her jewelry, please check out her blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.


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