CNS Foundation Asks Patients to Take New Survey Regarding Pediatric Neuro Conditions

June 29, 2014

CNS Foundation has partnered with “In My Brother’s Corner” contributor and high school junior Davis George to begin dissemination of a survey to assess the knowledge of the general public regarding pediatric neurological conditions. 

Called the NeuroSurvey, this survey will be distributed in the next few weeks to families in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, where Davis George attends school. This will be followed up with a larger campaign to reach families both within and outside the pediatric neurological community. For the purpose of survey dissemination, we encourage all to share the NeuroSurvey with anyone they know using the hashtag #NeuroSurvey on Facebook and Twitter. 

The information provided will be used to spread awareness and educate the public to the seriousness of these conditions. The mission of CNS Foundation is to facilitate research on the developing brain, provide information and resources to impacted families, and work with other patient advocates to raise public awareness about the importance of neurological research to the discovery of treatments and cures. The NeuroSurvey will provide organizations that work to benefit pediatric neurological conditions with an additional tool to help secure funding, legislative awareness and actions, and to educate the general public. 

The survey consists of ten general questions on neurological conditions and how those outside of the neurological disorder community are aware of the issues faced by those who have a loved one with a condition that affects the brain. 

A few reasons that the NeuroSurvey is important right now include the implementation of the BRAIN Initiative, the increased usage of personalized medicine, the recent update from the National Institutes of Health regarding higher autism rates in the United States, and the relative mystery given to the causes, care, and treatments of existing neurological conditions. All of these reasons provide excellent vantage points for addressing the needs of the pediatric neurological community to the population at large, both through the use of legislation and outside funding and support. 

The information garnered from the survey will be used to compile a report that can be used by patient advocates and patient advocacy groups to better address the general public and engage all in their endeavors.

Please complete the survey and share with your networks to increase the scope of the survey. If chosen to opt in, results of the survey will be sent to your email upon completion. 

The NeuroSurvey can be found here.

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