Cures Within Reach Announces Funding For Repurposing Research Addressing Huntington’s Disease

December 9, 2016

Cures Within Reach ( announced a new funding opportunity for repurposing research in Huntington’s Disease. Repurposing research leverages existing therapies to identify “new” treatments more quickly, less expensively and with fewer risks than traditional drug development.

This Request for Proposals, made possible through a generous donation from a private funder, is soliciting proof of concept clinical trials or late pre-clinical repurposing research projects that utilize FDA approved drugs, devices or nutriceuticals to reduce the symptoms, progression or incidence of Huntington’s Disease.

Up to $100,000 is available to researchers and clinicians located at institutions within the United States. Projects with budgets ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 will be considered, with the hope of supporting more than one project. Applications are accepted through the CureAcceleratorTM ( online platform, which was created by Cures Within Reach to be a global hub for repurposing research.

“This type of program creates incredible potential to improve patient outcomes and reduce the suffering caused by Huntington’s Disease,” said Dr. Clare Thibodeaux, Director of Scientific Affairs at Cures Within Reach. “We believe the repurposing research supported by this funding opportunity could help speed treatments to patients who are desperately in need.”

Huntington’s Disease is an inherited condition, which causes the deterioration of brain cells over time. Huntington’s Disease is fatal, and there currently is no cure. According to the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, there are 30,000 cases currently in the United States and over 200,000 Americans may one day be living with this disease.


Cures Within Reach ( works to catalyze repurposing research to quickly and affordably improve patient lives. We accomplish this through collaborations that connect researchers and funding, by facilitating crowd sourcing and community, and by identifying alternative financing models and incentives. Cures Within Reach’s repurposing research projects have generated 12 “new” treatments making an impact through off-label use in clinical practice or through a commercialization track. Cures Within Reach currently has 24 repurposing research projects either funded or approved for funding.


Cures Within Reach built CureAccelerator ( to provide a global collaboration space and market for repurposing research that can deliver effective solutions to unsolved diseases. The CureAccelerator platform was built with a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to explore whether drugs, devices and nutriceuticals approved for one or more human diseases can be repurposed to create “new” treatments in other diseases.  CureAccelerator has over 1000 users who have proposed 120 projects, of which more than 20 have received funding and are moving towards patient impact.

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