Don’t Miss Tuesday’s Episode of Royal Pains–Featuring a PSA From Global Genes!

July 13, 2015

Fans of the USA show Royal Pains will get some unexpected information at the end of Tuesday’s episode. The show reached out to Global Genes earlier this year to make sure their storylines were as accurate as possible when it came to patients with rare and orphan diseases.

As the show takes its twists and turns with the mysterious billionaire, Boris, and his curious and complicated plans for The Hamptons Heritage Hospital, the focus turns to the realities of rare disease.

The writers worked with the staff at Global Genes to share statistics, patient stories, and to give them a little insight into what fighting for orphan drug legislation truly means.

Here at Global Genes, we know that awareness is one of our most powerful tools in helping to create a more positive quality of life, a greater chance for developing treatment, and allowing patients to feel they are not alone. We want to thank USA and Royal Pains for their dedication to get the facts straight, their interest in our community and for the chance to share with their viewers a lesson on rare and genetic disease that they might not have had before.

Spread the word and tune in for this week’s episode including a special PSA from Global Genes on Tuesday, 7/14 /15 at 10/9C.

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