Evan, with Prader Willi Syndrome, Uses Taekwondo To Show His Fighting Spirit!

March 23, 2013

Written by Lisa Matesevac.

Six years old, Evan, has Prader-Willi syndrome. Hypotonia, or the state of low muscele tone, being one of the many challenges, we searched early on for an activity to compliment his physical therapy goals. Taekwondo was the answer, and a week after his third birthday, our whole family enrolled. Three and a half years later, Evan reached the point in his training where he could test for his black belt. I contacted the local news, and they expressed an interest in his story. We were delighted! Evan was amazing, and it was all the more special with a crowd of our friends and family cheering him on while the film crew and reporters captured his every move. You can see his story here.

Prader-Willi syndrome is a congenital (present from birth) disease. It affects many parts of the body. People with this condition are obese, have reduced muscle tone and mental ability.


Taekwonodo has become one of the many ways we manage Evan’s syndrome. Individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome have a low metabolism, insatiable hunger and the propensity to be obese. Exercise is very important in Evan’s weight management, to increase his metabolism and to keep his mind off the constant hunger. Evan is a success in so many ways but on February 28, he proved how truly rare he is by earning his black belt and defying the odds!!

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