Friends for Fragile X Donates $70,000 to Advance Research for Rare Disease and Autism-Related Charities

August 20, 2018

Rare Daily Staff

Friends for Fragile X is donating approximately $70,000 to help advance research and find a cure for Fragile X syndrome and autism to six prominent rare disease and autism-related research groups.

The organizations receiving the funds include the UC Irvine Center for Autism Research and Translation, the National Fragile X Foundation, UC Davis Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorder Institute, Autism Speaks, and the Fragile X Clinic – Stramski Children’s Developmental Center.

Friends for Fragile X was founded by Joy and David Justus following the diagnosis of their son Tyler as having the full mutation of Fragile X Syndrome. The non-profit corporation raises awareness and provides financial assistance to support science in finding a cure for Fragile X and lessen the burden of individuals and families affected by Fragile X.

Funds raised from events on the East and West Coast, as well as donations from individuals, are distributed to other not-for-profit organizations that support the foundation’s cause. The couple donates their time and resources to keep the foundation operating so that donations from Friends for Fragile X can be distributed to qualified organizations.

August 20, 2018
Photo: David and Joy Justus, co-founders of Friends for Fragile X

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