Global Genes Team Discusses What They’re Grateful for This Year!

November 26, 2015

We at Global Genes wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We took a moment to sit down and appreciate why we love working within the rare community.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of rare patients, caregivers, families and friends. The obstacles are many; the fight is real; the journey inspiring.
-VP of Patient Advocacy, Kym Kilbourne

I’m grateful I get to read your stories. Being the ear to the rare disease world gives me a lot of perspective on being a rare disease patient. I love being able to wake up each day to an inbox full of inspiration and hope.

-The RARE Daily Editor, Ilana Jacqueline

I am thankful to know that each day I am making a small impact in the rare disease community and helping to raise awareness.  I also love hearing that I brightened someone’s day through the inspirational quotes that I design.

 -Graphic Artist, Nikki Berry
I am thankful for being able to interact with the RARE Community on a daily basis on social media. I’ve gotten to know quiet a lot of advocates through this connection and through sharing their stories. Having the opportunity to share in and learn from their raw stories of loss, innovation, support, and/or great celebration often gives me a much needed perspective check,  that I am so grateful for. It is hard to have a bad day at Global Genes when you read and interact with such an amazing community full of fight and heart.
-Marketing Manager, Jaymie Rodem
I am thankful for being a part of the great Global Genes team and having the opportunity to work every day on behalf of all the inspirational rare patients, advocates and caregivers!
-Chief Operating Officer, Angie Rowe
I am thankful for my three children and husband.  Each of them inspire me, challenge me, and teach me every day that life is bigger than just ourselves, and that the fulfillment in our lives comes from making a difference in someone else’s life who didn’t ask you for help.  I am thankful for the amazing group of women I get to work with each day with Global Genes and the Little Miss Hannah Foundation who “get me” and support me in pursuing what I am most passionate about.
– Manager of Advocacy, Carrie Ostrea
We love what we do and we love the families we do it for. Life with rare disease playing a role isn’t always easy–but there is always a moment to appreciate what we do have. What are you and yours grateful for this year?

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