Global Genes Tips for Navigating the Holiday Season with a Rare Disease

December 12, 2023

Global Genes Tips for Navigating the Holiday Season with a Rare Disease

The Holiday season means connecting with friends, family and those we care most about. But we know the expectations of the holiday obligations can often add more stress to the many stresses already weighing on rare disease families. You may need to ask for help, say no, go slow, do less, or do things differently than those around you. So here are some articles with tips for navigating the “normal” holiday expectations as we continue to deal with the unique demands of rare disease life.

Rare Disease During the Holidays: How Much Can You Handle? By Janet Mills
Sick But Social: Surviving the Holidays by Stacey Philpot
6 Tips to Help You Cope with Holidays from Courageous Parents Network
A Guide on How to Protect Yourself During the Holidays By Ashanthi De Silva
Caregiving Tips for the Holidays by Annie Achee
Once Upon a Gene TV’s episode of Holiday Tips with SMA Rare Mama Nikki McIntosh
How to Survive the Holidays When You’re Grieving by Mito mom Jessica Fein
Holiday Cheer Much Harder for Rare Disease Patients by Grace Dunderdale
Rare Tips: Healthy for the Holidays
My Rare Disease Holiday Survival Guide by Tatiana Corbitt
Rare Disease During The Holidays by several Duchenne parents
Rare Disease: How I’m Making the Most of Spending My Holiday at Home by Samantha Moss
Dealing with the holiday blues, Confessions of a Rare Disease Mama podcast
Surviving the Holidays After the Loss of a Child with Jessica Fein

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