Green Market ‘Jumping’ for Baby Fighting Congenital Hyperinsulinism

June 25, 2013

Long Valley and its residents have never been coy about helping one another.

And now the community is kicking efforts into high gear to aid a local family and their youngest child diagnosed with a rare disease.

On Thursday, June 20, the Long Valley Green Market will host a Jump for Jayden fundraiser, where participants will receive a “J” painted on their face or arm, according to market co-founder Leona Harrington.

Jayden Feichter, born in October 2012, was diagnosed with congenital hyperinsulinism a week after birth. The baby’s body is constantly battling an imbalance of insulin production and protein levels.

According to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where Feichter is often treated, the Long Valley baby is just one of 400 treated for the rare disease in the past 20 years.

Jump for Jayden fundraisers began in May at Old Farmers Road School, where the baby’s mother, Jennifer, is a school teacher. Students in grades kindergarten through five participated in a week-long series of events during gym classes to where jumping activities were coupled with learning about hyperinsulinism.

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