Innovation in the Biopharmaceutical Pipeline: A Multi-Dimensional View Report Released Today

January 17, 2013

Today, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) released a report entitled “Innovation in the Biopharmaceutical Pipeline: A Multi-Dimensional View.” The report was conducted by researchers at the Analysis Group, and examines the drug pipeline to illustrate the type of research conducted by biopharmaceutical companies.

The report provides positive news for the rare disease community: of more than 5,400 potential new medicines in development, nearly 1,800 are for rare diseases. This means that there are nearly three times as many drugs in development for rare diseases now than there were ten years ago. While there is still much to be done, we are excited about this positive news and the work being conducted by biopharmaceutical companies to provide treatments and hope to patients in need.

The report and additional materials can be accessed at

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