International Conference on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs Announces New Board of Directors

November 22, 2016

Diverse body of expertise to tackle the challenges of rare diseases

The International Conference on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs (ICORD), the global rare disease society dedicated improving the welfare of patients with rare diseases and their families world-wide, announced five new officers and ten new board members following its annual meeting in Cape Town, South Africa.

“We are pleased to welcome an exceptional board comprised of professionals from academia, government, industry and research, who will serve a two-year term,” said Manuel Posada, ICORD President. “Our organization will benefit not only from their understanding of the opportunities and issues affecting the global rare disease landscape, but their skill and capability to engage active participation from a broader group of stakeholders who will be critical to advancing research to actionable solutions at a time when value-based outcomes is the key driver for access to care.”

ICORD Board 2016-2018


President: Manuel Posada, Institute of Rare Diseases Research, Institute of Health Carlos III, Spain

President Elect: Stephen Groft, Senior Advisor to NCATS, NIH, USA
Past-President: John Forman, New Zealand
Treasurer: Catarina Edfjäll, CSL Behring, Switzerland
Secretary: Yukiko Nishimura, ASrid, Japan


Domenica Taruscio, Italian National Institute of Health, Italy
Maja Stoiiljkovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Ann Nordgren, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
Fernando Royo, freelance consultant, Spain

Joff Masukawa, Diligentia, USA
Ramaiah Muthyala, Indian Organization for Rare Diseases, India
Emilio Roldán, Gador SA, Argentina

Bruno Sepodes, COMP, EMA and University of Lisbon, Portugal
Wills Hughes Wilson, Sobi, Belgium
Joan X Comella, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research, Spain
ICORD also expresses its gratitude to its departing Officers and Board Members for their dedicated service to the Society.

For more information on ICORD’s board, please visit

The International Conference on Rare Disease and Orphan Drugs (ICORD) is the leading global society for all individuals actively involved in rare diseases and/or orphan drugs, including health care, research, academic, industry, patient organizations, regulatory authorities, health authorities, and public policy professionals. The mission of ICORD is to improve the welfare of patients with rare diseases and their families world-wide through better knowledge, research, care, information, education and awareness.

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