Kevin Alexander, PKU Filmmaker, Announces New Project

April 5, 2013

Kevin Alexander, a regular Global Genes Contributer, PKU advocate and film maker, released a statement this morning announcing a new project. He is currently in pre-production on a documentary web series called The series of short forums will profile individuals living with or otherwise affected by PKU. The seasons will be short at anywhere from five to ten episodes per season. The first season’s episodes are said to be taking place in the United States, while future seasons will be focused on more international territories and will be translated with subtitles.

“I’ve been humbled by the response to My PKU Life, and through it, I have discovered some incredible stories from around the world that simply need to be told. The best way we can continue to advocate for PKU, newborn screening or rare diseases is by sharing our stories,” said Alexander.

The majority of the content the filmmaker has produced is available for free on Youtube. PKULife.TV is expected to be paid on-demand content, available for viewing on the web. Alexander will be utilizing Vimeo’s new paid, On Demand platform for the release. Episodes will be available for rent at $0.99 or $1.99 to purchase.

“As a creative professional, and an adult living with PKU, I’m passionate about producing more documentary content for the PKU community. I told my story, but now I want to tell other people’s stories,” said Alexander. “For many months I researched how I might be able to sustain as free content, but filmmaking is a very time-consuming and resource-demanding process. My goal as a professional filmmaker is very simple: keep making films. That requires resources, so I hope you understand my decision to produce this as paid content.”

The website, which is under development, is currently loaded with two previous projects:

“Living with PKU can be a lonely experience. But we take comfort in knowing we are not the only ones living with this disease. Stories inspire, empower and unite,” said Alexander. “We may be scattered across the world, but the boundaries that once separated us are dissolving. We can now be connected with one another, no matter where in the world we live. My goal is that these films continue to inspire, empower and unite all of us in the PKU community to share our stories with the world.”

Kevin Alexander was diagnosed with Phenylketonuria (PKU) at birth. He has followed a low-protein diet and consumed metabolic formula, and has subsequently lived a normal, productive life.

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