Last Chance To Order Your Blue Denim Genes Ribbons™ for World Rare Disease Day 2015

February 11, 2015

It’s your last chance to order ribbons for the 2015 World Rare Disease Day through Global Genes. Our Blue Denim Genes Ribbons™ are a perfect universal sign for rare and genetic disease awareness and help to unify a fractured community of thousands of small diseases who have not had a collective voice.
Wear your ribbon this World Rare Disease Day to spread awareness and show your support!

Why do we wear our ribbons? The Global Genes Team responds:


“Since working at Global Genes I have also know two other people that passed away from a rare brain cancer and this past year my cousin, Baby Drew, passed away from Trismony 18. Sharing their stories when I can with others is to let them know how much rare diseases are not that rare. Once you starting talking and asking people questions they are more than likely to know someone with a rare condition.”
-Ashley Girtman
“Rare disease has been with my family even before joining Global Genes.  I have three siblings with Vitiligo, my dear sister-in-law and best friend have an extremely rare form of ovarian cancer, and on January 2nd my mom was diagnosed with MDS.  Rare is NOT so rare!”
-Amy Grover
“Rare is everywhere!  I wear the denim ribbon with pride and to show my support for the incredibly courageous parents, patients, kids and rare advocates that are in the rare disease fight.  I want the world to know that everyone will know someone in their lifetime affected by a rare disease, and that it is our human responsibility to show our support!  My father has a rare form of arthritis, my father in law died of a rare blood condition and my dear friend’s son was born with a rare disease called Joubert Syndrome – this doesn’t include my thousands of new ‘rare’ friends that I want to know have my steadfast commitment and support.”
-Nicole Boice
What’s your reason?
You can place your order using this link, but if you’re ordering more than 500 please contact Ashley at [email protected] to help coordinate the order.  All international orders need to be placed before February 6th (to receive them before February 28th). All domestic orders need to be placed before February 13th in order to guarantee to receive their order before WRDD.

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