Life with Lowe: Will He Ever….?

February 27, 2015

I love to watch my son. The way he takes everything in and so curious. I know that’s why he’s able to learn, even though it takes him much longer to master something.

For the longest time we have worked on the sign for “eat” as well as saying the word when we do the sign. We knew he wanted something to eat if he immediately ran towards the refrigerator and looked back at us with a smile as if to say, “Hurry up! I’m already here waiting at the door to see what we got for me to chow down on!” I would say we’ve worked on that sign hard for the last six months.

Out of nowhere last week, Noah comes up to me and not only signed the word, “eat”, but even made the sound, “Eeeee” to go with it. To wait so long for something and to see him not only do the sign but try to say the word, I was beyond excited, I couldn’t stop hugging him and telling him what a big boy he was. I eventually realized the kid really did want something to eat.

As a special needs mom, we wait and wait and wait sometimes for these little but amazing moments and sometimes those moments never come. There are some Lowe Syndrome boys that will never walk or talk. You just don’t know and those questions and thoughts always linger in the back of my mind–Will Noah ever _____? (Fill in the blank.) I’ve thought about that kind of question in many different ways. Will Noah talk? Will Noah play sports (and really understand it?) Will Noah ever be completely independent? And so on.

I believe in my son and what he will accomplish when he really wants to learn it. I see him try every day. For example, Noah is three and I still help him eat. However, I see him over and over again pick up the spoon/fork and try himself so I know he’ll get there one day. He’s still not sure what to do with the utensil once it’s in his hand. I guide his hand with mine to help him scoop the spoon or carefully pierce the food with the fork but by himself, Noah still doesn’t quite get how to get the food on the utensil without help. However, he still tries, time and again.

That moment when he does do it by himself, it’ll probably happen like signing “eat” and trying to say the word. Just out of nowhere this kid will pick up a utensil and use it properly and I’ll do my excited happy mama dance and look like an idiot for a few minutes as I show Noah how excited and proud I am of him. I’m also just waiting for this kind of moment to happen in public and everyone will wonder what the crazy mom in the corner is doing! I won’t care.

I’ll always be Noah’s biggest cheerleader, no matter what. I will always encourage that boy to keep going, keep learning, keep accomplishing what others (especially doctors early on) say he may never do. Go Noah go! You got this kid! You make me one proud mom. Every single day.

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