Minoryx Therapeutics Spins Off See-Tx Platform to Create Gain Therapeutics

February 20, 2018

Rare Daily Staff

Minoryx Therapeutics said it has spun off its Site-directed Enzyme Enhancement Therapy (SEE-Tx) platform to form Gain Therapeutics, a new company that will focus on using this platform to identify the next generation of non-competitive pharmacological chaperones.

Chaperones are an emerging therapeutic approach based on using small molecules with a good pharmacokinetic profile to rescue mutated proteins whose loss of function is at the root of many rare diseases.

Private Swiss investors and the TiVenture fund have provided funding for Gain. The company is headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, with a branch operating from Barcelona, Spain. Researchers from the Minoryx laboratory at the Barcelona Science Park joined the new spin-off, under the scientific management of Xavier Barril, co-founder of Minoryx Therapeutics and inventor of the technology.

“This deal validates the SEE-Tx platform and its great potential for identifying a new generation of pharmacological chaperones with improved properties,” said Marc Martinell, co-founder and CEO of Minoryx Therapeutics.

The technology, developed by Minoryx, uses the three-dimensional structure of proteins originating from a patented computational technology initially discovered by the Barril Lab, University of Barcelona.

February 20, 2018
Photo: Marc Martinell, co-founder and CEO of Minoryx Therapeutics

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