Progeria School Curriculum Is Launching!

May 3, 2017

The Progeria Research Foundation is excited to announce the creation of a middle and high school curriculum that motivates teens to believe in themselves; empowers them to take on challenges; and shows they can create positive changes within themselves and their communities.   
HBO documentary’s Life According to Sam and Sam Berns’ TEDx Talk My Philosophy for a Happy Life are used throughout the curriculum as examples of how to achieve all those goals. 
TEACHERS : Please share with your school administrators. 
STUDENTS: Tell your teachers you want this curriculum taught in your classroom!  
EVERYONE : Help spread the word so schools throughout the country use this curriculum. 
HOW THIS WILL HELP US FIND THE CURE : PRF receives half the proceeds of every curriculum package sold.   
Sam’s positive mindset inspires others to make the most out of life no matter what challenges you face, and PRF’s remarkable journey from obscurity to treatment shows what people can do in the face of adversity. Now an entire young generation can learn these life and leadership skills.       
PRF has partnered with GearUp2Lead to make this project possible.
For details on the curriculum or to purchase a package for your school,visit

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