Rare Disease Report: Super Bowl Players Fight Rare Disease off the Field

March 1, 2016

Obviously Cam Newton is a rare disease advocate. Just take a look at his pants. The Carolina Panthers quarterback donned some seriously awesome zebra pants on the plane ride to the Super Bowl. That got us wondering, what other Panthers or Denver Broncos players might be advocates.
While the Panthers and Broncos will face off on the field this Sunday, they still work together to help rare disease patients and advocates around the country.

Not only does Newton rock crazy zebra pants, he also works to improve the lives of patients with rare diseases. Just prior to Halloween, Newton visited Elijah Aschbrenner, 10, who had a rare cancer called epithelioid sarcoma. Teammate Colin Cole joined Newton to help friends and family throw Elijah an early Halloween party with tons of food and a video game truck. Newton also wore Elijah’s “Never Give Up” band during many NFL games this season. Sadly, the child passed away in November 2015.

Since we mentioned Newton, I suppose we must also mention Peyton Manning, despite Rare Disease Report being fans of zebra pants.

The Broncos quarterback donated a significant amount of money to a children’s hospital in Indianapolis, IN, which was subsequently named after him in 2007. Many rare disease Colts fans are treated at the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

Also, Broncos backup quarterback Brock Osweilerand his wife Erin went to visit pediatric patients at the Rocky Mountain Hospital in Denver, CO, to make their Christmas just a little brighter with presents.

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