Rare Diseases South Africa: Africa Leadership Award Winner

January 13, 2017

During the first week of December, Rare Diseases SA’s CEO, Kelly du Plessis, travelled to Mauritius for the Africa Leadership Awards.  These awards are all about achievers, super achievers, & future business leaders; & they attract the best from all over Africa.  This event highlights, recognises, & rewards their abilities to steer their businesses through turbulent times; as well as applying the best of business modules to manage & keep their businesses afloat.

There are over 20 categories that recognise the achievements made by selected leaders throughout Africa, & honour their great contribution towards the country’s economic development.  All of these leaders are mentioned for their impeccable leadership qualities which helping grow our nation. 

Kelly was nominated for the “African Leadership Award for Healthcare” & on the 07/12/2016 she was presented with this award for all her hard work & dedication with Rare Diseases South Africa.  There were many other companies & individuals who were nominated in this category, but due to Kelly’s non-stop commitment & patient advocacy, she was deservingly awarded this prize.

Kelly, you are an inspiration to all of us,” said the organization. “You are a mum; a wife; a friend; an ambassador; & an activist for so many. You give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves & keep us positive through everything.
You are someone that we all look up to, admire & are truly blessed to have in our lives. Thank you for all you do for the patients and for always ensuring that we are well-taken care of. You really deserve this award & we are so glad that you are being honoured for all your hard work & dedication. You are one in a million.”

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