Rock the Reel with Two Hearts Rock ~ Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

January 10, 2013

Organization: Two Hearts Rock

Two Hearts Rock™ is a strategic partner of Global Genes | R.A.R.E. Project. We facilitate unique high energy, music events that educate and elevate a critical medical cause: Rare Disease.

The mission of Two Hearts Rock™ is to raise awareness and fuel medical research for Rare Disease by using music as a platform for creating unity and hope.

Two Hearts Rock is amping up for World Rare Disease Day in a big way here in Chicagoland!

Rock the Reel” on January 25th, 2013 is the FIRST of FOUR local initiatives actively engaging adults and children in our community. This event is designed to educate our community on the prevalence of Rare Disease and to infuse LIVE music into the Rare Disease Arena.

“Where there is music, there is unity. And where there is unity, there is hope.”

About Two Hearts Rock

Two Hearts Rock uses the power of music to fuel medical breakthroughs by uniting people, inspiring advocacy, funding research and supporting all those suffering from rare diseases. With about 7,000 rare diseases affecting the world, Two Hearts Rock tries to give a voice to a critical cause.

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