Sanfilippo Syndrome Foundations Jonah’s Just Begun and Ben’s Dream Need Support To Win Chase Community Giving Grant

September 11, 2012

Chase Community Giving is giving away $5 million dollars to be shared between 196 deserving charities. We hope that Jonah’s Just Begun and Sanfilippo Research Foundation | Ben’s Dream will take first place for $250,000 or second place for $100,000.

Please vote for these rare kids by following the link’s below, and pass along to all of your Facebook friends! Voting is from September 6th-19th.

The awarded funds will go toward the ongoing medical research of our gene therapy treatments. Our foundations have initiated the first Sanfilippo treatments for our children. Sanfilippo Syndrome is an ultra rare pediatric disease, it’s fatal and there currently is no treatment.

We hope that these treatments will come in time for Jonah, Ben and all of our friends… but the clock is ticking. Surely, this funding will ensure that the next generation of Sanfilippo children will live happy and healthy lives. No parent should have to watch their child suffer and die.

Thanks in advance for voting!

Jonah’s Just Begun & Ben’s Dream



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