Sophia Born with Vacterl Syndrome Proves Doctors Wrong

March 24, 2014

Sophia was born via c-section at 35 weeks due to almost no amniotic fluid and failing kidneys. Sophia is diagnosed with having Vacterl Syndrome. She does not have all the conditions which fall under having this syndrome though, and the doctors said you need to have at least three of the conditions. When Sophia was born, she was barely breathing and was placed on a ventilator.

She also is having some bowel issues and urinary issues and recently is having heart pvc’s. She was born with one kidney, which is cystic and isn’t functioning. She has underwent 21 surgeries already and will need more– including a kidney transplant later down the line. She currently receives dialysis and has been in the hospital since birth.

Sophia’s parents were advised it was BEST to abort Sophia or, the doctors said, she would die in utero.. they said IF she made it through the pregnancy, that Sophia would have ZERO lung function, but Sophia proved them wrong. She was on 0.2 liters of oxygen! After 235 days in the hospital, Sophia went home. It was short lived… Sophia was home for just over a month and was back in the hospital for RSV… the past three months have been a roller coaster.

Sophia had a pulmonary bleed, two coding events, and several fractures due to non-movement. She has proven time and again she is a warrior! Sophia has PROVED that she is NOT a statistic and that GOD has BIG plans for her ♥ With our faith in God and prayer, we know it will all be all right!

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