The Balancing Act® airing on Lifetime TV Turns Spotlight on World Rare Disease Day February 28th with Global Genes

February 26, 2014

Over 30 million people are living with rare diseases and many of them are children. The Balancing Act® airing on Lifetime® TV, the only morning show that features rare disease education, will dedicate their program on Friday, February 28th at 7:00 am (ET/PT) to raising awareness about World Rare Disease Day, celebrated worldwide on February 28th.

A rare disease is one that affects fewer than 200,000 people. This special show will feature Global Genes President and Founder Nicole Boice and Blog Managing Editor, Ilana Jacqueline, born with a rare disease, and the inspiration behind The Balancing Act’s “Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic Diseases” series.

Global Genes is an advocacy support group at the forefront of education and providing resources for those in the RARE community, connecting families trying to cope and working to help eliminate the challenges associated with rare diseases for families and patients suffering.

“We at The Balancing Act wanted to make a serious commitment to do our part in informing our viewers about World Rare Disease Day, and what action they can take to join in to show their support. With this special program we’re excited to have the opportunity to spread the word,” said Carri Levy, senior producer, The Balancing Act.

Boice and Jacqueline will inform viewers about the global prevalence of rare diseases, what others are doing across the country to support World Rare Disease Day, and give patients and advocates ideas on where they can search for treatments and connect with others in the rare community.

The Balancing Act’s ongoing “Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic Diseases” series provides viewers with treatment information, helps educate and empower patients, their families, caregivers and the medical community. To learn more about the “Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic Diseases” series please visit:

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