Votes Needed for the Glycogen Storage Disease Awareness Campaign

November 5, 2013

Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD) is a rare metabolic disorder caused by an enzyme deficiency in the liver. This causes the liver to store sugar, but not release it. People living with GSD have fluctuating blood sugar levels, which are regulated by formula (consisting of cornstarch) feedings throughout the day. Many factors make GSD a very serious disorder. One of the more serious problems is the inability to regulate blood sugar levels when they are too low. For instance, catching the stomach flu is life threatening due to the fact that it causes the stomach to stop digesting. This is a brief overview of GSD, and for more information on all of the types, I encourage you to check out the website of the Association for Glycogen Storage Disease.

Why Vote?

The GSD community has so much hope, while anxiously waiting for a cure. Our community needs help in raising awareness among the general public, and the World Health Organization (WHO) can help us achieve this goal. A petition has been created to encourage help from the WHO. The number of votes needed is 10,000, which is a great requirement for the GSD community. Votes submitted from outside of the community are vital to this petition’s success.

Ways to Vote:

1. To vote, you can type in the key words Glycogen Storage Disease Awareness Campaign into any search engine, and it should be the first link displayed.

2. You can click on this link for direct access:

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