Williams Syndrome Changing Lives Foundation Launches SEVENar

July 1, 2013

This year, we, the William’s Syndrome Changing Lives Foundation, have been revealing programmatic tools that provide parents and caregivers of individuals with Williams syndrome with an unsurpassed educational experience.

We now add to the sophistication with one word……interactive. The Williams Syndrome Changing Lives Foundation has created a conference right within the comforts of your home on our Williams Syndrome Support Group Facebook page called SEVENar. SEVENar is an interactive seminar with varying professionals who have firsthand knowledge and involvement with individuals with Williams syndrome. It is a communal platform for you to have your individualized questions and experiences answered and shared.

If you are a parent or a caregiver of an individual with Williams syndrome and are not already a member of our support group page, please submit your request to join our group today at

We will host interactive sessions regarding various topics including Music Therapy, Sensory and Fine Motor Skills, Education and IEP’s, Transition programs and many other areas of interest.

From science comes knowledge, from knowledge comes tools and from tools comes SEVENar! We are proud to serve our Williams syndrome community with yet another way to access practical tools for real families.

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