Although more than 7,000 rare diseases have been identified, medical professionals do not often recognize or encounter rare disease patients. The RARE Compassion Project strives to foster an understanding of and compassion for rare patients.

Each year, Global Genes matches eligible medical students with a rare disease patient or family, giving them an opportunity to learn firsthand about diagnosis as well as the unique challenges faced by patients every day and connect with the rare disease community. Applications for the RARE Compassion Program are accepted year-round, while students are matched with patients or families on a quarterly basis.


I am humbled and grateful to Elizabeth for letting me into her world and opening my eyes to aspects of rare disease, that even as a rare patient, I never truly appreciated before. – Kristin Hunt, Cox Scholarship Recipient

Through participation in the program, we hope medical and healthcare professionals will take action in their own communities and bridge the gap between the medical and rare disease sectors.

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