Muckle-Wells syndrome


Type of disease: Rare conditions

Muckle-Wells syndrome is a rare genetic disease. Individuals with Muckle-Wells may have skin rashes, fever, and joint pain. The symptoms can occur at any time and usually follow a cycle. Hearing loss and kidney damage can occur by the time an individual is a teenager.

Muckle-Wells syndrome is an autosomal dominant genetic disease. This means the condition is inherited through genes (passed through families). We inherit our genes in pairs, one from each parent typically. Our genes are what control the growth, development and function of our bodies. If a mistake or error occurs in a gene, it can cause problems. If one parent has a mutation associated with Muckle-Wells, there is a 50% chance their child will have it as well.

Medications are available to help with skin rashes and fevers. If you have been diagnosed with Muckle-Wells syndrome, speak with your doctor about the best personal plan of action.

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