Rare Mom Meet Up – Hosted by Rare Mom

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Rare Mothers, we hear you! We know that you need a place to be listened to without judgement, create relationships and share stories with women who truly understand.

Ashley Kenny has been through a serious hardship and understands the feeling of being heartbroken and isolated.

“Ashley is a mom to three amazing kids, two who live in her home and her rare disease warrior, Ellie, who now lives in her heart. Ellie was born with Mucolipidosis II, a rare genetic disorder that prevents removal of certain types of cellular waste. Ellie gained her angel wings on May 17, 2018 and is missed every day.”

Ashley is hosting a Rare Mom Meet Up on Tuesday Night, September 1st from 7-8:15pm PST.

This is a great opportunity for Rare Mothers to meet each other face to face and to share, feel, and support one another.